Case Studies

Aviators have never been more at risk of a laser strike in the cockpit than they are today. According to data from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), in 2021 the number of reported laser incidents in the U.S. hit a 5-year peak of 9,723 cockpit strikes. [i] DETERRENCE VS. DEFENSE Deterrence anddefense are the only two paradigms protecting aviators from cockpit laser strikes, and the data shows that deterrence doesn’t seem to be working all that

Revision first designed and developed StingerHawk ballistic spectacles in 2013 to complement the Company’s flagship line of protective eyewear—the Sawfly® spectacle system. In the years since, StingerHawk spectacles have proven distinctive in their own right, offering the same fragmentation protection—high-impact, interchangeable polycarbonate lenses that exceed military ballistic impact requirements for

TERRITORY DISPUTES AND THE SURGE IN COLD CLIMATE OPERATIONS AROUND THE WORLD From February 19 through March 22 of this year, some 1,900 U.S. Marines participated in the Cold Response live-fire exercise in the Trøndelag counties of Central Norway.[i] This operation was specially designed to test troops’ ability to operate in

THE DANGER OF INTENSIFYING LASER THREATS In the midst of a riot control operation, eyes are wide and response triggers are necessarily hairpin-quick. When engaging in controlled aviation maneuvers, precision and focus are more than vital. When conducting a myriad of law enforcement tasks, speed and accuracy are paramount. Picture, at

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