Cobra Modular Suspension System (MSS)

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Ultimate Comfort

Cobra Modular Suspension System

Cobra helmet retention that fits a wide range of head shapes and sizes and provides impact absorption; low-pressure, fit-band dial adjustability; and netted ventilation for superior comfort


Superior Comfort & Fit

Engineered to comfortably fit a wide range of head shapes and sizes—adjustable liner and suspension system is optimized for impact protection, comfort, and extended-wear


The 4-point retention system has a height-adjustable nape pad to further stabilize the system when using NVGs

Impact Protection

Impact liner is made of a durable, low-profile material that exceeds U.S. Army ACH impact standards

Ventilation and Cooling

An adjustable crown net wicks perspiration and suspends the helmet shell on the wearer’s head for freer air-flow and circulation


Sizes, Dimensions, and Colors
Sizes Available 
  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large
  • Extra Large
Color Options 
  • Black, Tan 499
  1. Compatible with Viper full, mid and high cut helmets
  2. Compatible with Cobra helmet
  3. Compatible with Caiman helmets
  4. Compatible with Cobra Front Mount
  5. Compatible with Viper Interlocking Long Rails
  6. Compatible with Viper Standalone Long Rails
  7. Compatible with Cobra Mini Rails
  8. Compatible with Cobra Visor
  9. Compatible with Cobra Mandible Guard
Testing & Requirements
  • Meets ACH 10 ft/s impact standards requirements.
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