Batlskin Viper

The world’s first fully integrated and fully modular head protection solution: A lightweight, high-performance, ACH-shaped head protection system

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Batlskin Viper® P4 Helmet

The Viper P4 system is up to 24% lighter than the legacy U.S. Army ACH and represents the first significant advancement in ACH technology in 15 years.

Batlskin Viper® P2 Helmet

A unique combination of ultra-lightweight composite shell technology, unsurpassed comfort, and exacting military-grade performance

Batlskin Viper® A3 Helmet

A stealthy aramid system designed specifically for law enforcement, Special Operations Forces, and SWAT personnel

Batlskin Viper® Front Mount

A rugged NVG mounting system—with vast compatibility and an interchangeable center piece—that integrates with Viper Interlocking Long Rails 

Batlskin Viper® Visor

Multi-position Visor integrates with Viper MPAS system to create a perfect facial seal for total eye and face protection 

Batlskin Viper® Mandible

Lower face and jaw protection with quick and easy repositioning and an advanced integrated design; Viper Mandibles come in two forms: ballistic, for protection against blast fragmentations, and wire, for blunt force impact

Batlskin Viper® Rail System

Interlocking Long Rails that interconnect with the Viper Front Mount and highly-compatible Standalone Long Rails both provide an adjustable base for MPAS device integration

Viper Liner System

Premier, customizable pad and liner systems tailored to the fit, shape, and function of the Viper helmet system 

Batlskin Viper® Storage

Durable, water-resistant storage for securing and transporting Viper helmets and modular components

Batlskin Viper® Helmet Cover

A variety of precision-fit helmet covers designed to the contours of the Viper helmet shape, with multiple styles and attachment options

Batlskin Viper® Kits

Integrated modular components and head system upgrades that boost Viper helmet performance and protection

Products 1-30 of 36

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