Batlskin Viper®

The world’s first fully integrated and fully modular head protection solution: A lightweight, high-performance, ACH-shaped head protection system

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Batlskin Viper® P4 Helmet

The Viper P4 system is up to 24% lighter than the legacy U.S. Army ACH and represents the first significant advancement in ACH technology in 15 years.

Batlskin Viper® A3 Helmet

A stealthy aramid system designed specifically for law enforcement, Special Operations Forces, and SWAT personnel

Batlskin Viper® Front Mount

A rugged NVG mounting system—with vast compatibility and an interchangeable center piece—that integrates with Viper Interlocking Long Rails 

Batlskin Viper® Visor

Multi-position Visor integrates with Viper MPAS system to create a perfect facial seal for total eye and face protection 

Batlskin Viper® Mandible

Lower face and jaw protection with quick and easy repositioning and an advanced integrated design; Viper Mandibles come in two forms: ballistic, for protection against blast fragmentations, and wire, for blunt force impact

Batlskin Viper® Rail System

Interlocking Long Rails that interconnect with the Viper Front Mount and highly-compatible Standalone Long Rails both provide an adjustable base for MPAS device integration

Batlskin Viper® Liner System

Premier, customizable pad and liner systems tailored to the fit, shape, and function of the Viper helmet system 

Batlskin Viper® Storage

Durable, water-resistant storage for securing and transporting Viper helmets and modular components

Batlskin Viper® Kits

Integrated modular components and head system upgrades that boost Viper helmet performance and protection

Products 1-30 of 32

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