Viper P4 Full Cut Helmet System

Kit Includes
  • Viper P4 Full Cut Helmet Shell
  • 1 NVG Hole
  • Modular Suspension System
  • Front Mount
  • Interlocking Long Rails
  • Hardware Kit

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Premium Combat Helmet

Viper P4 Full Cut Helmet System

Revision has modernized the traditional advanced combat helmet: The Viper P4 system is up to 24% lighter than the legacy U.S. Army ACH and represents the first significant advancement in ACH technology in 15 years.


B3 Technology™

Revision’s advanced UHMWPE helmets meet stringent quality standards and exceed U.S. military specifications for ballistic threats, blunt impact, and blast fragmentation


Advanced composite shell technology combines elite protection, extended-use comfort, and impressive weight reduction

Custom Modular

Customize the Viper Head System for the mission at hand: The Viper helmet is the foundation for a suite of integrated, modular components, including front mounts, rail systems, ballistic visors, mandible guards, and tailored liner options

Enhanced Ballistics

Exactingly designed and precision manufactured with advanced, cutting-edge materials, Revision's head systems provide the best high-impact ballistic protection in the industry, exceeding numerous U.S. and international protection standards

Viper Shape

Viper helmet shells feature a streamlined, modernized, cutting-edge design inspired by the U.S. Army Advanced Combat Helmet


Sizes, Dimensions and Colors
Sizes Available
  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large
  • Extra Large
  • System Weight (Medium - including helmet, MSS and hardware): 1140 g
Color Options
  • Black, Olive Green, Foliage Green, Desert Tan, Tan 499
  1. Viper MPAS
  2. Cobra MPAS
  3. Caiman accessories
  4. Viper Helmet Covers
  5. Helmet Storage Bag
  6. NVG Shock Cord
Testing & Requirements
  • 17gr FSP V50 Average 2400 fps / 730 m/s and meets all other ACH level fragmentation requirements
  • 17gr FSP V50 >2400 fps / 730 m/s tested to STANAG 2920
  • 9mm RTP, 124gr FMJ-RN, 427 m/s (1400 fps) with low deformation (<25mm in clay)
  • Ballistic protection according to the U.S. Army's AR/PD 14-01
  • Stops NIJ IIIA level threats


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