Caiman Ballistic Helmet System

Kit Includes
  • Caiman Ballistic Shell
  • 3 NVG Holes
  • Rail System
  • Liner System
  • Hardware Kit
  • Wilcox® L4 Series Shroud

Caiman Helmet System User Guide

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Full Spectrum Helmet System

Caiman Ballistic Helmet System

An unconventional, multidimensional helmet suite for elite operators: The Caiman Ballistic Helmet provides a perfect combination of protection, adaptability, integration, and agility 


Five-Size Comfort Fit

Five sizes ensures users are wearing the lightest, most stable helmet, with optimized comfort and performance—resulting in an estimated 40% of users wearing a lighter helmet


The skeletonization of all system components has significantly reduced the overall weight, and the neck load burden.

Mission-Specific Scalability

Designed for integration—with skeletonized rails, NVG Mount, mandible guard, Personal Signature Management System, armor appliques, and a bevy of mission-specific accessories—the Caiman head system is a scalable solution for specialized operations

B3 Technology™

The Caiman Ballistic Helmet meets stringent quality standards and exceeds U.S. military specifications for ballistic threats, structural rigidity, blunt impact, and blast fragmentation

Customize Your Comfort

Utilize Caiman impact liner, comfort pad set, fit band, and retention system in any combination to suit your comfort and the mission at hand


Sizes, Dimensions, and Colors
Sizes Available
  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large
  • Extra Large
  • XX-Large  
  • Full system weight (Medium - including Ballistic Shell, Wilcox L4 Shroud, Rails, Liner & Retention System): < 1124 g (40 oz) 
Color Options
  • Black, Tan 499, Gray 
  1. Compatible with Viper MPAS
  2. Compatible with Cobra MPAS
  3. Compatible with Caiman NVG Arm Visor
  4. Compatible with Caiman Fixed Arm Visor
  5. Compatible with Caiman Bump Mandible Guard
  6. Compatible with Caiman Ballistic Mandible Guard
  7. Compatible with Helmet Storage Bag
Testing & Requirements
  • 2gr FSP V50: > 1242 m/s (4075 ft/s)
  • 4gr FSP V50: > 1052 m/s (3450 ft/s)
  • 16gr FSP V50: > 739 m/s (2425 ft/s)
  • 64gr FSP V50: > 518 m/s (1700 ft/s)
  • 17gr FSP V50: > 670 m/s (2200 ft/s)
  • 9mm RTP: Remington 124 grain FMJ, 9x19mm projectile at 1195 + 50ft/s
  • 9mm BFD: Remington 124 grain FMJ, 9x19mm projectile at 1195 + 50ft/s <29 mm (All locations)
  • Stops NIJ level IIIA Threats: (9mm, 44 mag & .357 SIG) (NIJ 0106.01)
  • Meets ACH requirements: <150g in all locations for 3 m/s (10 ft/s) impact


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