Caiman Hybrid Helmet System

Kit Includes
  • High Cut Caiman Hybrid Shell
  • 3 NVG Holes
  • Rail System
  • Liner System
  • Hardware Kit
  • Wilcox® L4 Series Shroud

Caiman Helmet System User Guide

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Full Spectrum Helmet System

Caiman Hybrid Helmet System

Skeletonized and scalable, the Caiman Head System is an unconventional helmet suite for unconventional operators. The system is a unique multipurpose helmet solution, built on a conformal carbon bump shell, designed for riverine, maritime, high-altitude, free-fall, and ground maneuvers.


Five-size Comfort Fit

Five sizes ensures users are wearing the lightest, most stable helmet, with optimized comfort and performance—resulting in an estimated 40% of users wearing a lighter helmet

Changing the Protection Paradigm

Streamlined, hybridized, and lightweight, Caiman Helmets are unique multipurpose suites designed for a wide band of fast-paced special operations

Mission-specific Scalability

Designed for integration—with skeletonized rails, NVG Mount, mandible guard, Personal Signature Management System, armor appliques, and a bevy of mission-specific accessories—the Caiman head system is a scalable solution for specialized operations

Designed By Operators. Built Right by Revision.

This is not a head system created in a vacuum: The input from a wide range of SOF users is unmistakable

Customize Your Comfort

Utilize Caiman impact liner, comfort pad set, fit band, and retention system in any combination to suit your comfort and the mission at hand


Sizes, Dimensions, and Colors
Sizes Available
  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large
  • Extra Large
  • XX-Large  
  • Full system weight (Medium - including Shell, Wilcox L4 Shroud, Rails, Liner & Retention System): < 750 g (26 oz)
Color Options
  • Black, Tan 499, Gray 
  1. Compatible with Viper MPAS
  2. Compatible with Cobra MPAS
  3. Compatible with Helmet Storage Bag
Testing & Requirements


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