SharePack Power Management System

Kit Includes
  • Nerv Centr SharePack Power Management System
  • Nerv Centr SharePack Power Management System Unhinged Case - MultiCam®
  • User Guide

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Mobile Power Systems

SharePack Power Management System

An advanced lightweight, conformal lithium-ion power pack with dual inputs, programmable voltages, upgradable software, and seamless plug-and-play—store, deliver, harvest, and share energy in the field while eliminating excess cabling and the need for spare batteries.


Complete Power Management System

Store, deliver, harvest, and share power with a single, efficient system

Graphical State-of-Charge Display

LCD display provides real-time data on battery life, performance, and connected equipment

Universal Power Supply

Harvest power natively from most sources of DC voltage—no dedicated charger required

Nerv Centr Mobile App

Access, monitor, and control the SharePack Power Management System using a mobile device; display charge time, remaining battery life, state-of-health, and more (Cable sold separately)

Multiple connections

Charge and discharge simultaneously through the two independent connectors and charge devices with the integrated USB port

Equipment Compatible

Specifically designed for user-friendly integration with currently fielded equipment, such as Nett Warrior systems and SMBus v1.1


Size Dimensions, and Colors
Sizes Available
  • One size
  • Length: 169 mm
  • Width: 42 mm
  • Height: 194 mm
  • Weight: 1280 g
Color Options
  • Tan
  1. Nerv Centr App
  2. SoloPack Battery
  3. Nett Warrior Systems
  4. Equipment with USBs
  5. Nerv Centr Chargers
  6. Nerv Centr Squad Power Manager (SPM-622)
  7. System Management Bus V1.1 (SMBUS V1.1) Chargers
Testing & Requirements
  • Meets MIL STD 461, 464, and 810
  • IEC 62133 Safety Certified
Software Updates


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