Prescription (Rx) Carrier and Connector APEL System

Kit Includes
  • Rx Carrier Frame
  • Connector Piece

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Vision Correction System

Rx Carrier

A slim, lightweight, cross-compatible carrier, with a secure connector, for a wide range of single vision prescriptions


Cross Compatible

Revision's prescription carrier is designed to attach securely and comfortably to a range of Revision eyewear spectacle and goggle lines


With a face form angle less than 12º, and a trim, stealthy frame of neutral color, the prescription carrier offers the widest possible unrestricted visual pane


Press-fit insertion ensures proper positioning on the face every time, complementing a design that emphasizes comfort, an open field-of-view, and rugged durability


Undeniably constructed for the rigors of combat, robust design, high-impact materials, flexible shock absorption, and fast-paced performance all combine into a rugged solution


The lightweight carrier can accommodate prescriptions up to ±11D


Sizes and Colors
Sizes Available
  • One Size Fits All
Color Options
  • Gray
NATO Stock Number (NSN)
  • 1 Pack: 6540-01-600-6532
  • 10 Pack: 6540-01-600-6536
  • 30 Pack: 6540-01-600-6541
  1. Sawfly Spectacle
  2. StingerHawk Spectacle
  3. Hellfly Eyewear
  4. Alphawing Eyewear
  5. Deltawing Eyewear
  6. Desert Locust Goggle
  7. Asian Locust Goggle
  8. Bullet Ant Goggle
  9. Exoshield Eyewear
  10. SnowHawk Goggle System
  11. Wolfspider Goggle
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