Pioneering innovations in material applications, integration, and weight reduction that are fueled by a singular objective: enhance survivability

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Caiman Ballistic Helmet

An unconventional, multidimensional helmet suite for elite operators: The Caiman Ballistic Helmet provides a perfect combination of protection, adaptability, integration, and agility

Caiman Hybrid Helmet

Skeletonized and scalable, the Caiman Head System is an unconventional helmet suite for special operators. 

Caiman Bump Helmet

The Caiman Bump Helmet employs a reinforced polymer bump shell that provides baseline blunt impact protection and places a premium on scalability and integration for maritime and mobile operations

Viper P4 Helmet

The Viper P4 system is up to 24% lighter than the legacy U.S. Army ACH and represents the first significant advancement in ACH technology in 15 years.

Viper P2 Helmet

A unique combination of ultra-lightweight composite shell technology, unsurpassed comfort, and exacting military-grade performance 

Viper A3 Helmet

A stealthy aramid system designed specifically for law enforcement, Special Operations Forces, and SWAT personnel

Cobra P2 Helmet

Cobra’s dome-shaped, hybridized technology pushes the envelope of attainable weight reduction while maintaining superior ballistic performance and extended-use comfort  

19 Products

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