Viper Wire Mandible Guard

Kit Includes
  • Viper Wire Mandible Guard
  • Side Brackets for Attaching to the Front Mount
  • Hardware Kit

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Modular Protection System

Viper Wire Mandible Guard

Lower face and jaw protection with quick and easy repositioning and an advanced integrated design; Viper Mandibles come in two forms: ballistic, for protection against blast fragmentations, and wire, for blunt force impact


Varying Positions

Tilt and lock the Mandible Guard in multiple downward positions for improved sight compatibility and refueling

Slim Profile

Striking the perfect balance between close-fit and sufficient stand-off to maximize situational awareness and ideally accommodate communications headsets

Custom Modular

Customize the Viper Head System for the mission at hand: The Viper helmet is the foundation for a suite of integrated, modular components, including front mounts, rail systems, ballistic visors, mandible guards, and tailored liner options


Sizes, Dimensions, and Colors
Sizes Available
  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large
  • Extra Large
  • Weight: 435 g (15.3 oz) - Including attachment straps and hardware, size Medium
Color Options
  • Black, Foliage Green, Tan 499
  1. Compatible with Viper full, mid and high cut helmets
  2. Compatible with Cobra helmet
  3. Compatible with Caiman helmets
  4. Compatible with Viper Front Mount
  5. Compatible with Viper Interlocking Long Rails
  6. Compatible with Viper Standalone Long Rails
  7. Compatible with Cobra Mini Rails
  8. Compatible with Viper Visor
  9. Compatible with Viper Visor/Mandible Guard Storage Case
Testing & Requirements
  • Able to withstand multiple impacts over 45 joules (double the current U.S. helmet impact standard) with no damage
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