Headset Headband

Kit Includes
  • Headset Headband

Headset Headband

The one-size-fits-all headset headband features haptic slide adjustment, optimized crown comfort, and below-center attachment to evenly distribute pressure


Slide Adjustment

Slide headband out or in for desired size; notches on arc function as haptic lock-in-place mechanism for rigorous movement

Crown Comfort

Headband is designed to evenly distribute pressure on user’s head, eliminating crown discomfort

Attachment Point

Attaches below-center of the ear to distribute weight evenly and comfortably, minimizing pressure on the corners of the cups for optimal seal around the ear

Highly Adjustable

The highly adjustable headband is one-size-fits-all


Sizes, Dimensions, and Colors
Sizes Available
  • One size fits all
Color Options
  • Black
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