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Modern battlefields are stimuli-packed, unpredictable environments, burdening troops on the ground with waves of sound and information from all directions. Communications equipment today must facilitate accurate situational understanding for disorienting, close-quarters conflict zones; any hindrance to perception compounds the challenges faced by troops on the ground as they attempt to comprehend their surrounding and react quickly and efficiently.

For tactical communications headsets, balancing situational awareness and hearing protection while enabling critical battlefield communication is crucial, but that’s just the first step; today’s forces need a next-level communications system—a superior, sophisticated solution for traversing volatile, complex settings. Revision’s modular circumaural communications headsets incorporate Active Noise Reduction (ANR), advanced electronics, and cutting-edge software for 360 degree awareness, 3D sound localization, and improved speech intelligibility in a streamlined design. These units reduce damaging battlefield noise while simultaneously enhancing hearing and communication to increase the warfighter’s lethality. With Revision’s tactical headsets, dismounted close-combat warfighters can more effectively perceive and distinguish vital battlefield sounds, and communicate with fellow operators, in dense, noise-cluttered environments.


Revision’s integrated systems approach starts with the individual operator and works outward. Through direct communication and collaboration with end users, and rigorous human factors trials, Revision is able to provide mission-focused products that remain serviceable and relevant for subsequent generations of soldier suites. Revision’s background in integrated soldier systems—creating protective eyewear, advanced helmet systems, and lithium-ion power management solutions—positions the company perfectly to shake up the communications and hearing protection industry. Revision has worked in parallel with companies in this industry, collaborating to seamlessly integrate helmet systems with tactical headsets and other headborne devices. Now, the company is taking the bold step to set the bar higher in the tactical communications and hearing protection industry, and to take integrated head systems technology to the next level.

In Revision’s ongoing efforts to create the most effective, responsive equipment possible for troops in the field, the company is innovating from converging directions: creating helmet systems that are engineered to accommodate headborne gear and tactical headsets, and creating headborne accessories—including advanced circumaural tactical headset systems—that work seamlessly with the most advanced modern helmet systems. And, Revision’s lithium-ion Nerv Centr batteries and power management systems are capable of providing centralized power management for a variety of operational devices and integrated headborne equipment. Accordingly, Revision’s tactical headset systems are optimized to work effortlessly with a variety of helmet shapes and types, including Revision’s Batslkin Viper, Batlskin Cobra, and Batlskin Caiman helmet systems.

Revision’s pioneering Batlskin Caiman Head Systems suite is an especially noteworthy development in terms of total head system integration. Caiman helmets, developed for, and in collaboration with, Special Operations Forces (SOF) users, are fundamentally different helmet solutions, emphasizing scalability and mission-specific accessories. The elite Caiman systems—including the Caiman Ballistic Helmet System, the Caiman Hybrid Helmet System, and the Caiman Bump Helmet System—represent the next-generation of head systems geometry, comfort, adaptability, and protection. Moreover, Caiman helmets are expressly designed to incorporate electronics, headsets, and other SOF equipment needs. Likewise, Revision’s tactical circumarural headsets have been expressly designed to fit perfectly with Caiman helmet system architecture, whether worn over-the-head or rail-mounted.

Revision’s tactical headsets are fully digital platforms with individual customization, upgradeable performance, and added flexibility not previously available.


Fielded technologies changes rapidly in the modern battlefield. Today’s equipment must be vastly compatible, supporting wide-ranging connectivity and keeping pace with the influx of new tech and devices operators use. Revision’s tactical headsets are fully digital platforms with individual customization, upgradeable performance, and added flexibility not previously available. They are plug-and-play accessible, USB-compatible, and feature upgradable software, eliminating product obsolescence. The systems also features an intuitive, hand-held push-to-talk control unit with a down lead, hardwired, over-molded membrane that can be outfitted with a custom dongle, accommodating a variety of mission-specific configurations for multi-radio and multi-channel environments. Dongles can be customized for any mix or number of connections, ports, and channels. This modular system expedites the upgrade process for cables, wireless modules, and future radios. Revision’s innovative, configurable dongle system supports connectivity to multiple legacy connections, new radio connections, intercoms, and, as C4I systems continue to evolve in the digital age, other newly introduced digital connectors yet to come, ensuring continuous compatibility at a low total life cost. Revision’s mission adaptable, fully digital headsets can be upgraded and customized to each user, eliminating the need to procure a new system to integrate with the latest technology.

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