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The modern weaponry forces face in the field is of a different stripe. It’s up close and personal, emphasizing blast force, blunt impact, and, above all, lethality. Revision’s head systems are built with the complexity of modern-day operations in mind. The innovations that drive Revision helmets and head protection systems are fueled by a singular objective: enhance survivability. 

Exceedingly strong, yet lightweight and stealthy.

Revision’s head systems provide a balance of protection and integration, to help you perform your mission

Modern head protection systems must be reliable and exceedingly strong, but they also need to be lightweight and stealthy. Agility, mobility, and flexibility are paramount for soldiers and tactical personnel facing life-or-death scenarios. Revision started a revolution with polyethylene helmets—engineering ballistic head protection with lower weight and superior protective qualities. We’ve been leading the industry ever since. 


Revision is one of the foremost pioneers of Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE) advancements. New composite materials produce next generation helmets that are significantly lighter than current in-use combat helmets while providing increased ballistic and impact protection. Our armor and helmet systems engineers have evaluated and experimented with a vast array of materials and material combinations—including new materials, various aramids and weaves, and hybrid combinations of materials—to produce armor and helmets with superior performance and comfort.

In the Arctic or at the equator, your helmet performance and protection will be consistent.

Revision has significant experience with all UHMWPE materials that provide excellent high velocity fragmentation protection, as well as superior 9mm RTP, compression, and impact resistance, with minimal to no change in ballistic performance at extreme temperatures. Revision has delivered on U.S. military and international contracts for products that use advanced UHMWPE products. In 2011, Revision expanded its R&D focus and made a significant investment in the development of UHMWPE products. Since incorporating these new materials within the Company’s armor and helmet production, Revision has worked extensively with various UHMWPE suppliers’ engineering teams to establish and master the manufacturing nuances for each material put to use in Revision helmets. Whether soldiers are wearing our helmet in the Arctic or at the equator, the performance and protection will be consistent. 


The times change quickly. New advances in head protection are always around the corner. In this modern industry, it takes dedication and investment to keep up. 

Revision’s manufacturing capabilities demonstrate that we are not just keeping up, we are setting the pace of the leading-edge. Key to this ability is the Company’s custom-developed composite manufacturing equipment. This custom equipment has flexible tooling that can be quickly and accurately adjusted to meet a given order portfolio. This places Revision at the forefront of head protection technology for military and tactical users. All of Revision’s helmet shell presses at the Company’s Newport facility—the primary site for helmet and armor production and manufacturing—have been fully converted to allow for both polyethylene and aramid helmet manufacturing. This has involved adding new chilling capacity, a new Gerber material cutting machine, and new molds capable of providing both heating and chilling during the shell molding process. 

A batch of helmets are processed at Revision’s Newport facility 

In 2017, construction will begin on a new multi-million dollar helmet and manufacturing facility, significantly expanding Revision’s U.S. manufacturing capacity, reducing risk, and boosting efficiency. This addition will enable us to meet rising demand for advanced combat helmets in the U.S. and internationally, and further diversify product offerings across multiple, interconnected manufacturing locations. Revision’s helmet manufacturing operations are already proven to be highly versatile, adaptable, and scalable, deftly alternating between test samples, low-to-mid-volume orders, and full-scale production. This new addition will keep us pushing the velocity of innovation for years to come. 


Revision lays claim to the world’s first fully integrated and fully modular head protection solution: the Batlskin Viper® Modular Head Protection System. Revision created custom components and accessories—including a multi-purpose front mount, rail systems, a three-position visor, and mandible guards (ballistic or wire)—to provide total head and facial protection against blast, fragmentation, blunt impact, and ballistic threats, as well as the ability to incorporate headborne devices.

Since the introduction of the Viper head system, Revision has brought this modular, adaptable concept to other innovative, industry leading helmet lines, as well as different industries—including tactical, paramilitary, and Spec Ops users. Revision’s Batlskin Cobra® Head Protection System is a prime example, integrating a three-position visor, a high-threat mandible guard, and various mounting systems with a lightweight, dome-shaped ballistic shell. Additionally, Revision’s newest cutting-edge head system is the Batlskin Caiman Helmet Suite—scalable and agile offerings explicitly created for Special Operations Forces. This Caiman family includes a ballistic helmet system, a hybrid helmet system, and a bump helmet system. Designed for accessory and component integration, users can also up the protection level of the Caiman Hybrid Helmet system with a ballistic applique for varying threats and unpredictable scenarios.

Together, these helmet lines are the most innovative, forward-thinking, and unique offerings in the industry, pushing helmet technology, design, development, and manufacturing forward considerably. Revision’s Modular Head Protection Systems are scalable and lightweight, enabling quick armor-up and down, striking the ideal balance between enhanced protection and lethality. These systems are truly greater than the sum of their strong components.

Revision’s Viper Modular Head Protection System features interconnected helmet, front mount, visor, mandible, and long rail components

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