Nerv Centr Enhanced Charger

Kit Includes
  • Nerv Centr Enhanced Charger
  • AC Power Cable to plug into wall outlet (adapted to regional standard)

Note: Nett Warrior Cable to attach Enhanced Charger to the SoloPack or SharePack is not included. The cable can be purchased separately if needed.


Mobile Power Systems

Nerv Centr Enhanced Charger

This charger harvests power from various energy sources, including vehicle, solar, AC power and other common sources, in order to charge the SoloPack and SharePack. The charger kit includes a cable for a wall outlet with a straight connector at the power manager end.


Quick Charging

Fully charges SoloPack or SharePack in under three hours

Status Display

Monitor charging and ensure proper operational functionality with the clear, marked display

Rugged Durability

A hard, durable casing ensures that chargers can withstand the rigors of combat

Equipment Compatible

Chargers are compatible with SoloPack, SharePack, and worldwide AC voltage powered equipment

Harvest Capability

Harvest power from a variety of energy sources, including solar, with the Enhanced Charger

Integrated USB Port

Charge and power devices through the integrated, widely-compatible USB port


Sizes, Dimensions, and Colors
Sizes Available
  • One size
  • Length: 165 mm
  • Width: 76 mm
  • Height: 38 mm
  • Weight: 445 g
Color Options
  • Charcoal Gray
  1. SoloPack Battery
  2. SharePack Power Management System
  3. Nett Warrior Systems
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