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Posted on January 11, 2012

Revision Military, the world leader in protective soldier solutions, introduces the Sawfly Photochromic Eyewear System. Featuring Revision’s rapid light-changing technology, first introduced in its Hellfly Ballistic Sunglasses, the ballistic photochromic Sawfly lens automatically darkens to a sunglass tint when exposed to sunlight and returns to its clear state in the absence of UVrays, providing a tactical edge in rapidly changing environments.  “Revision’s photochromic lens technology not only eliminates the need to switch lenses when transitioning between the indoors

Posted on September 28, 2011

Revision Military, the recognized global leader in ballistic and laser eye protection, wins the DSEi Innovation Challenge with its new Batlskin Modular Head Protection System. Of the nearly 50 innovators competing in the challenge, Revision was one of six finalists to present their work to an expert panel of judges at the DSEi exhibit. The

Posted on September 12, 2011

Montreal, QC, Canada (September 12, 2011) – Revision Military, the recognized global leader in ballistic and laser eye protection, launches into the head protection arena with the introduction of its new Batlskin Head Protection System. The first fully integrated and fully modular solution of its kind, the Batlskin Head Protection System combines

Posted on August 17, 2011

Revision, the global leader in military protective eyewear solutions, announces its most recent contract award: to supply the Germany military with their ballistic eyewear needs through 2013. The project will see Revision deliver over 256,000 sets of the Sawfly Military Eyewear System for use by Army, Air Force and Navy troops. Revision

Posted on August 3, 2011

Revision, the leading developer of ballistic protective eyewear for militaries worldwide, has secured a contract with the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) to supply its Land Forces with Revision’s Prescription Rx Carrier over the next five years. It has an estimated value of up to $14 million during the life of the contract.

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