Our Mission


Revision Military adheres to its singular purpose: “We are passionately committed to providing leading-edge protective eyewear solutions for mission critical military and tactical use worldwide.” 

Revision is a solutions provider specializing in military protective eyewear. With robust design and development expertise, extensive experience, significant investment in efficient, high-volume manufacturing, and vertical integration, Revision is driven by a fundamental and powerful idea: delivering protective solutions that save lives. This ethos is embraced by employees at every level and across every department within the Company. Revision’s mission is built into every Company effort, activity, and product line. It fuels Revision’s product development, design, and R&D efforts. 

We exist so you have the freedom to prevail.

We take immense pride in the impact that our work has. Our users rely on our gear in life-or-death situations; they expect our gear to protect them and to get them home safely. We take this to heart from the beginning of the product life-cycle to the end. This duty to our users, to the men and women who stand for us all, is always forefront in our minds. When forces the world over use gear emblazoned with the Revision logo, we want them to know that this represents quality and reliability to the last. That we are able to contribute in any way to their brave actions is humbling and gratifying. The line from the work we do every day to the real world impact is straight and clear. We exist so soldiers, tactical forces, or any other user of Revision equipment can perform at their peak and prevail through the mission at hand. This is our charge; this is why we do what we do. 

Over our history, Revision has delivered over 8 million units of spectacles, goggles, and Rx carrier adapters around the world.

Across all of these program deliveries, Revision has never once received any warranty claim for product malfunction or defect and has never had to recall a single faulty product. 

Revision’s dedication and passion is ingrained in our robust, integrated design and engineering; our leading-edge technologies; our innovative manufacturing; our stringent quality assurance and state-of-the-art testing laboratories; and our responsive customer service. 

Our capabilities are accelerating. Our products are high-impact, and so is our passion. We dissect in-the-field user experience from every angle. Viewing forces holistically, as precision-crafted instruments, we never lose sight of the beating heart beneath the equipment. We strive to outpace the pack; we are committed to our duty to worldwide forces who stake their lives on the strength of our gear. We are solutions architects. We are unparalleled in all that we do. We are Revision.

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