SoloPack Battery

Kit Includes
  • Nerv Centr SoloPack Battery
  • Nerv Centr Solopack Battery Case - MultiCam®
  • User Guide

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Mobile Power Systems

SoloPack Battery

A rugged, high power density lithium-ion solution for charging and powering operational devices on the battlefield—a slim, lightweight battery that packs enough power in one charge for a 12-hour mission.


High Energy Density

Contains as much power as 64 AA NiCd batteries and offers 4 times the power density, guaranteeing best-in-class power density

State-of-Charge Display

SoloPack display is push-button activated and gives a clear readout of remaining change

Rugged Durability

Robust, multi-layered shock absorption protects against the rigors of combat

Small Form Factor / Lightweight

Weighing only 1.2 lbs (550 g), the SoloPack’s slim design reduces weight burden and the number of disposable batteries carried by soldiers

Equipment Compatible

Specifically designed for user-friendly integration with currently fielded equipment, such as Nett Warrior systems and SMBus v1.1

Extreme Temperature Range

Reliable operational performance under environmental conditions ranging from -32°C to +55°C


Size Dimensions, and Colors
Sizes Available
  • One size
  • Length: 181 mm
  • Width: 77 mm
  • Height: 30 mm
  • Weight: 550 g
Color Options
  • Tan
  1. SharePack Power Management System
  2. Nett Warrior Systems
  3. Nerv Centr Chargers
  4. Nerv Centr Squad Power Manager (SPM-622)
  5. System Management Bus V1.1 (SMBUS V1.1) Chargers
Testing & Requirements
  • Meets MIL STD 461, 464, and 810
  • IEC 62133 Safety Certified


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