Rapid Prototyping & Simulation


Prototyping and simulation processes are critical to the development and eventual commercialization of any new product or technology. Revision’s comprehensive, cutting-edge software is used to create extremely accurate CAD drawings that can then be translated into 3-D models via Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM). Using advanced algorithms, 3-D drawings are scanned with exacting detail and printed into full-size thermoplastic product replicas. The full-scale models are then reviewed by the design team for further Human Factors analysis and integration testing before progressing down the development pipeline.

Sophisticated, advanced products brought to market faster.

In addition to FDM, Revision has made significant investments in Finite Element Analysis (FEA). FEA is a computer engineering tool for testing product and material performance in a virtual environment before anything is physically manufactured. With this software, Revision’s engineers can assess and project how different materials, shapes, and configurations will perform under blast, blunt force and ballistic impacts. The data from these simulations feeds directly into the product development loop for continuous design improvement.

Still, there comes a point when there’s no substitute for real world testing. Once Revision’s product development teams have run designs through extensive prototyping and simulation and have refined all the details of the design to that stage, the schematic is used to create a production quality prototype. This prototype undergoes rigorous validation testing in our in-house labs, as well as by end-users in real life scenarios. All the feedback generated from this round of evaluation feeds back into the design loop for further development and fine-tuning. Only after all these hurdles are cleared—exhaustive user trials and conclusive quality assurance and lab authentication—can a product move on to full-scale manufacturing. Every Revision product—from accessories to full systems and platforms—undergoes this comprehensive yet rapid and iterative approach to design. Adherence to and refinement of this process allows Revision to create sophisticated, advanced products and to bring them to market faster.

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