Posted on 11/13/20


Essex Junction, Vermont (November 13, 2020) – In response to the urgent demand for laser protection, Revision Military has ramped up production and successfully delivered thousands of ballistic laser protective lenses to law enforcement around the United States.  After an initial rapid delivery to the Department of Homeland Security, Revision received a dramatic increase of inquiries from Federal, State, and Local departments, and Individual Officers seeking protection from this emerging threat.  Since July, reported incidents of laser attacks on law enforcement have skyrocketed around the nation leading to a variety of eye effects and injuries, including reports of partial blindness. While handheld lasers aren’t new, their widespread use with intent to harm is increasing, just as is the demand for laser protective eyewear to prevent these eye effects and injuries.

Revision has been at the forefront of laser and ballistic protective eyewear solutions for the past decade.  Standard laser protective lenses are widely available, but much rarer are lenses that combine tailored laser protection as well as military-standard ballistic protection coupled with world-class anti-fog performance, integrated prescription correction and multiple sizes for optimal fit and comfort.  Revision’s LazrBloc eyewear provides this comprehensive solution – battle-proven by military forces around the globe and now widely being delivered to Law Enforcement around the nation.

One Federal Agent shared the following quote after receiving Revision LazrBloc eyewear:  “After several fellow Federal LE Agents were blinded a few weeks ago at a demonstration, we knew we needed something to protect us.  We looked at Revision and trusted the information received.  Upon receipt, we were sent to a massive demonstration and had our new Revision Laser eyewear.  I had lasers panning in my face for hours, and no one on the front lines with me were injured. I’ll never go without them.”

“It’s been incredible to watch our team rise to the occasion to respond to the urgent demand from the Law Enforcement community”, said Revision CEO, Amy Coyne.  “We have an incredibly talented and dedicated team, and there was no hesitation throughout the organization to dig deep and deliver eyewear to help prevent injury and blindness to our men and women in uniform. Its times like these that we benefit from a vertically integrated operation, were we design, develop, test and manufacture protective eyewear at scale in our own facility.” 

Recently Revision celebrated the one year anniversary of new ownership with ASGARD Partners & Co and Merit Capital.  In the last year, Revision welcomed new CEO Amy Coyne, successfully completed the carve out from former parent company, stayed open and operational throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, and celebrated record 3rd Quarter performance.  Now 100% owned and operated in the USA, the Revision team is centrally located in Essex Junction, Vermont. The focus on eyewear is already leading to growth in new markets, development of new products and technology, and the team is more united, impassioned and dedicated than ever.

To learn more about Revision’s LazrBloc product offering, visit  Military and Law Enforcement discounts are available. 

Above:  Revision LazrBloc™ FT-2 kits being assembled on November 10 at Revision’s facility in Essex Junction, Vermont.   Lenses are molded, coated and fully assembled at this facility.

Above:  Ballistic laser protective eyewear being tested against a laser hazard in the Revision Military Advanced Laser Research Lab.


Revision is relentlessly dedicated to protect vision by developing and delivering purpose-built eye protection for military and tactical use worldwide. The Company has invested in the development and delivery of advanced laser protective solutions over the past decade, and become experts in both ballistic laser protective solutions to protect military, law enforcement and first responders today, as well as the distinct ability to develop custom solutions based upon the unique threat and situation.  Revision specializes in integration for the optimum and necessary balance of protection and performance. The Company is headquartered in Essex Junction, Vermont, USA. For more information, visit, write, or call +1 802.879.7002.


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