Human Interface Device with Single Comm Connector Dongle

Kit Includes
  • Human Interface Device (HID)
  • Single 6-Pin Radio Connector Dongle

Human Interface Device with Single Comm Connector Dongle

The innovative handheld control unit enables the ComCentr2 to connect to legacy radios, next generation radios, intercoms, and other newly introduced digital connectors, accommodating a variety of mission-specific configurations for multi-radio and multi-channel environments


Vast Compatibility

Compatible with single and dual communications radios, smartphones, and intercoms; supports connectivity to multiple legacy connections, new radio connections, and future systems

Upgradable Software

Upgradable software eliminates product obsolescence, accommodating future technology improvements and customization for each user


Sizes, Dimensions, and Colors
Sizes Available
  • One size

HID, Dongle, Cables and Connectors:

  • Length: 97 mm
  • Width: 58 mm
  • Depth: 30 mm (without MOLLE Clip) or 38 mm (with MOLLE Clip)
  • Weight: 256 g (9.0 oz) - Full System (HID, Dongle, Cables and Connectors)
Color Options
  • Coyote Brown
  1. Dongle with single 6-Pin female MIL-DTL-55116/4-3 connector
  2. Mates with U-283/U panel mount and U-328/U in-line connector
  3. Most military radios, including AN/PRC-117F MBMMR, AN/PRC-117G MBMMR, AN/PRC-148 MBITR, AN/PRC-152 FALCON III
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