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Revision Adds Two Products to the U.S. Army’s Authorized Protective Eyewear List (APEL)

Revision—the world leader in protective eyewear solutions—announces the selection of two new eyewear lines for inclusion on the Approved Protective Eyewear List (APEL®), as determined by the U.S. Army’s Program Executive Office (PEO) Soldier. After comprehensive laboratory testing and user trials, the Product Manager, Soldier Protective Equipment (PM SPE), selected Revision’s ShadowStrike™ Ballistic Sunglasses and SnowHawk™ Cold Weather Goggle System for inclusion on the APEL. The ShadowStrike Sunglasses are the first dual lens, ballistic sunglasses to offer OcuMax® Anti-Fog performance, and the SnowHawk goggle system is the first Cold Weather Goggle System to offer a magnetically integrated balaclava for extreme protection in cold weather environments (balaclava procured separately).

“Revision has been a leading provider of protective eyewear on the APEL program since it was created in 2006,” said Jonathan Blanshay, CEO, Revision. “This is an achievement we are very proud of, and represents our continued commitment to adapting to the changing environments and threats soldiers are facing around the globe today. Over the years, as we have evolved our products and developed new eyewear solutions, we’ve submitted our cutting-edge eyewear for inclusion in the APEL program. Our presence on the APEL is a major factor in our global standing as an industry-leading protective eyewear designer and manufacturer. We target our solutions to exceed the increasingly more stringent standards that the Army requires, and we are honored to be a part of this prestigious program.”

Above: Revision’s ShadowStrike™ Ballistic Sunglasses have been approved for the Authorized Protective Eyewear List (APEL), and feature a novel nosepiece mechanism that makes changing out the dual lenses quick and easy. Additionally the ShadowStrike has Revision’s OcuMax® Plus coating, preventing the close-fit sunglasses from fogging in the heat of the mission.

Manufacturers and products listed on APEL have had their products examined and tested in accordance with the Army’s guidelines, meeting Army standards for ballistic protection (assessed against the Military Combat Eye Protection performance specification MIL-PRF-32432A). This year’s qualification process is especially noteworthy because the Army has instituted several updates to their standards, including more stringent ballistic standards—an increase in ballistic testing velocities (goggle testing velocities with a 0.22cal projectile increased from 550‑560 ft/s to 580‑590 ft/s and spectacle testing velocities with a 0.15cal projectile increased from 640‑660 ft/s to 700‑725 ft/s)—as well as the creation of a new category for extreme cold weather (for which SnowHawk was selected).

Above: Revision’s SnowHawk™ Cold Weather Goggle System has been approved for the Authorized Protective Eyewear List (APEL), and deliver unmatched ballistic protection and anti-fog performance in sub-zero conditions. With frames designed to seal securely and comfortably against the wearer’s face, and military-grade dual-pane thermal gasket lenses, SnowHawk eyewear insulates the eyes, providing environmental protection in extreme environments. The optional magnetically integrated balaclava offers 100% face coverage and seamlessly connects to the goggle. The balaclava is sold separately.

The U.S. Army recently released the 2019 APEL list, which includes ShadowStrike sunglasses (black frames with smoke and clear lenses) and SnowHawk goggles (black or tan frames with smoke and clear lenses)—alongside Revision’s Sawfly® spectacles, StingerHawk® spectacles, and Desert Locust® goggles. The following products are all compatible with the Universal Prescription Lens Carrier (UPLC) – Sawfly and StingerHawk spectacles, and Desert Locust and SnowHawk goggles. All products have been assigned National Stock Numbers (NSN) and are available for purchase through supply channels.

Above: The full offering of Revision APEL Approved eyewear includes the Sawfly® Spectacles, StingerHawk® Spectacles, ShadowStrike™ Sunglasses, SnowHawk™ Goggle and Desert Locust® Goggle.


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