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Introducing Revision I-Vis™ Lens Technology

Isn’t it time for your lenses to work as hard as you do?

When you’re in the field, your brain is constantly working: identifying threats, making quick decisions, and taking decisive action. No matter where you are in the world you need all your senses to be working in peak form. 

Every theater of operation has a range of colors and lighting that define the overall environment:

  • Jungles and forests contain lush greens with canopied lighting
  • Deserts are a sea of tans and browns lit by open sky
  • Alpine areas are crisply lit fields of scree fields of browns and greys above the treeline
  • Urban areas are dominated by grays and variable light conditions
  • Arctic areas feature vast snowfields of white and blue 

While it would make sense for your eyewear to be adaptable to each of these environments, most protective lenses leave all the work to your eyes and brain to adapt, leading to eye fatigue.

That’s why we developed our new I-Vis lens technology. Using artificial intelligence, we are able to quickly determine the best lens color for each environment based on the color palette of the location along with the prospective light conditions.



The result is a system of lenses that allow you to experience greater color depth in a given environment versus the naked eye. This greater color perception provides faster recognition of threats, both static and active. For example, a soldier using the environmentally appropriate lens is more likely to notice the difference between two shades of brown that indicates the disturbed earth around a buried IED, or it will make a trigger wire stand out from background colors more readily.

It’s eyewear innovation at a whole new level.

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