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Around the world, reports of counter-optical laser illuminations against law enforcement officials, MPs, and pilots have spiked. Readily-available, powerful laser technology has become easily obtainable through a variety of channels, including online retail markets. Lasers have been used en masse in demonstrations in regions as diverse as Canada, the U.S., Ireland, Thailand, Greece, Egypt, and Italy, among others. And, worldwide aviation officials and agencies, including the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) and BALPA (British Airline Pilots’ Association), have recorded overwhelming increases in reports of aircraft laser illumination incidents. Two trends are increasingly clear: these occurrences are on the rise and are more organized.

“LazrBloc GF-8 laser protective technology is the most innovative solution of it’s kind.”

In an instant, laser illuminations can cause vision-disruption or even severe eye damage, and these dangers are amplified when every second counts. With both visible and invisible wavelengths contained in a concentrated beam, lasers pose a distinctive, stealthy threat to the human eye. Without proper protection, the eyes can incur serious damage and it will not be perceived until it is too late. These hazards range from glare, flashblindness, and afterimage up to and including permanent blindness.

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Green lasers account for upward of 91% of all laser illumination events. Most commonly available green lasers emit laser light at a wavelength of 532 nm. Inexpensive and easy to obtain laser devices may not filter and/or align the optics, or can be maliciously altered, contaminating the green laser with a potentially harmful Near-Infrared (NIR) component at 808 nm. Revision has developed a laser dye for a dual-band laser protective lens that blocks green laser energy and the most powerful, damaging NIR component of commercially available green lasers. Revision’s patented dye is used in the company’s new LazrBloc GF-8 Laser Protective Ballistic Lens.

“We have always prided ourselves on our advanced protective eyewear solutions,” said Jim Hester, Vice President, Optics at Revision, “and this means identifying and adapting to new and more complex threats. Laser strikes are no longer just a military concern, they are an increasingly prevalent reality for many operating in the private sector.” Like Revision’s previous eyewear successes, GF-8 lenses are the result of rigorous, highly-developed, constantly-evolving design, engineering, and manufacturing processes. Accordingly, Hester adds that “in this emerging industry, Revision’s LazrBloc GF-8 laser protective lens is unmatched in its combination of ballistic protective properties, green laser blockage, Near-Infrared protection, and visible light transmission, striking an optimal balance in a single, remarkably effective, integrated solution.”

Revision’s LazrBloc GF-8 laser protective lens is a unique ballistic lens that represents an elevated level of innovation in this field. GF-8 lenses block up to 99.9% of 532 nm green laser energy, and stop 99% of hazardous 808 nm Near-Infrared radiation, an invisible component of green lasers.

These lenses are precision-manufactured, ensuring distortion-free vision. They are calibrated to maintain mission critical situational awareness through exceptional color recognition and visible light transmission as compared to other dye-based lenses on the market, achieving 50% photopic and 25% scotopic light transmission.

Unlike most laser lens products, Revision’s LazrBloc GF-8 lens formulation provides an interchangeable, situation-adaptable solution that can be manufactured for Revision’s StingerHawk Spectacle System and Exoshield Extreme Low-Profile Eyewear, as well as for Revision’s other Rx-compatible military spectacle and goggle lines. The lenses are made of indestructible, optical grade polycarbonate that can be interchanged quickly for various light conditions and provide 100% protection from harmful UV-A-B-C rays.

GF-8 lenses provide lasting, steadfast, proven eye protection through all the rigors of hostile conditions and situations. These lenses are furnished with OcuMax Plus, the proven #1 anti-fog, scratch-resistant, and chemical-resistant coating in the world.

Revision has long been at the forefront of ballistic laser protective eyewear. Revision has tested the LazrBloc GF-8 ballistic laser lens in the company’s Research & Development laboratory and has certified many of its laser protective lenses at 3rd party testing laboratories. Hundreds of thousands of Revision’s laser protective lenses have been sold all over the world over the last 10 years, including to the U.S. Army, U.K. MoD, Dutch DMO, Belgium MoD, the Canadian DND, Greek MoD, Swedish MoD, the German MoD, and the South African Air Force.

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