Power Management



“Revision Electronics and Power, Inc. is the hub of Revision’s Nerv Centr Power Management operations.”

At Revision Electronics and Power, Inc., Revision designs and manufactures advanced, lithium ion power management systems specially suited to the demanding and unique requirements of mission critical power for defense applications. These field-proven innovations in battery management, electronics, software, and safety, turn energy storage into a competitive advantage for our customers. In many cases the ability to operate at lighter weight, smaller sizes and lower temperatures are seen as major competitive advantages.

Revision’s battery systems are designed from the foundation chemistry through to the final packaging and charging systems using proven technology. This low risk approach allows a fully integrated and optimized battery system that exceeds the performance of standard off-the-shelf batteries to be rapidly constructed and fielded.

With a deep knowledge of cell chemistry, Revision is a “fab-less” lithium cell manufacturer. Established partnerships with battery factories give Revision the ability to locate cells or to specify custom cells to meet the specific needs of a system.

The team in Ottawa includes manufacturing personnel skilled in handling cell technology and electronics. In 2001 the team in Ottawa was the recipient of the prestigious Deloitte Technology Green 15TM Award, an award created in 2007 to showcase 15 Canadian companies that are leading the way to create major breakthroughs in the field of green technology.