Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance


Revision is passionately committed to achieving the highest quality standards in the design, development, manufacture and fielding of world-class soldier protection solutions. From living up to our ISO 9001:2008 certification to employing robust product development and improvement processes, quality is embedded in everything we do.

Our Quality Assurance processes and the people that guide it, test everything from in-coming raw materials and sourced components, to final inspection and lot sampling. State-of-the Art certified labs located at each of our manufacturing facilities ensure that our Eyewear and Head Protection systems are thoroughly tested throughout their development and manufacture ensuring that Revision’s products consistently exceed the ballistic, environmental and quality standards required by military customers around the world.

“Quality is embedded in everything we do.”

The spirit of innovation that is found within our products transcends to our labs where custom fabricated testing equipment is regularly developed to analyze and measure things no one else can. Our Anti-Fog Characterization Apparatus (AFCA) is a first of its kind piece of equipment that allows testing of anti-fog solutions as per Revision’s proprietary internal characterization method to ensure that performance of anti-fog solutions are optimized for harsh military use. The AFCA is just another example of Revision’s unwavering commitment to ensuring the highest levels of performance are met even if it means literally setting the standard ourselves.

Ballistic protection is at the core of the products we provide and as such, Revision has developed best-in class ballistic test ranges at each of its manufacturing facilities that are capable of meeting all requirements specified for eyewear and head protection systems. These facilities are equipped with leading edge measuring instruments that ensure accurate measurement of projectile velocity and feature high speed camera systems that allow Revision to accurately investigate material reaction to projectile impact.

As is the case across the board at Revision, it is the calibre of employees that implement and oversee our Quality Assurance programs and facilities that truly place them in a class of their own. With some of the brightest minds leading our processes and monitoring our equipment, not only does our rigid Quality Assurance regimen deliver best-in class product but it also contributes to the way we develop product through extensive sharing of proprietary data with our Product Development teams to help inform the development of next generation soldier protective systems day in and day out.