Batlskin Viper Mandible Guards

Offering lightweight blunt force protection for lower jaw in a durable, low-profile design. Mandible Guards attach to the Batlskin Viper Front Mount, minimizing training while enabling rapid attachment and removal of the system.


Seamless Integration
Seamlessly integrates with all Batlskin modular components; able to tilt downwards by varying degrees for improved sight compatibility, drinking and eating
Slim Profile
Close fit design for maximum situational awareness; enough stand off to accommodate communications headsets
Ergonomic attachment and removal
Ergonomic fix-rotate system allows for the rapid attachment and removal of the mandible guard
Multiple Colors
Offered in standard military colors with textured surface finish
  • Weight (including attachment straps and hardware): 425 g (15 oz)
  • BALLISTIC PERFORMANCE: V50 exceeds 671 m/s (2,200 fps) using a 1.1 g (17 grain) FSP, mandible protects against 9mm FMJ threats at 1400 ft/s (427 m/s) and stops NIJ IIIA level threats
  • IMPACT PERFORMANCE: Systems able to withstand over 45 joules of impact with no damage


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