No test data can tell us more than
what we hear from our users.

At Revision, we receive regular feedback from the military, special forces,
law enforcement and other communities on our products - much of which
shapes the way in which we develop the next generation of protective solutions.

SSG J.L., U.S. Army

I have been part of the United States Army for almost 11 years. I have had the opportunity to use and try many different forms of eye protection over the years. With the new headsets in the vehicles, wearing a normal type of eye protection with arms on it tends to cause headaches and pressure on my temples. Using full sized goggles with an elastic band is too bulky and limits my field of vision; I don't like either of those options. I did some searching to find some way around this problem and landed my solution with Revision. The Revision Exoshield eye protection has the best of both worlds: a low profile lens that fits to your face and allows air to flow to prevent fogging up and an elastic, adjustable band to keep pressure off the temples and a full seal of the headsets over the ears. The hook and latch straps allow easy removal and putting on of the eye protection. After several missions using the Exoshields, I experienced no headaches or any uncomfortable effects. I was wearing them when our vehicle was struck by an IED. I was the only person wearing the Exoshields with the headsets. After the explosion everyone in my truck crew was experiencing ringing of the ears and headaches. My eye protection fit so well that my headset was fully sealed; and even though the IED detonated 3 meters from me, I didn't even realize we had been hit from the sound. The headset sealed so well, the only way I knew we had been hit was from the obvious damage from it. I would recommend the Exoshields to anyone in the military or otherwise. They work and they exceed military standards for goggles and regular protective eye glasses.

PVT. C.P., British Army


A soldier has had a narrow escape after a bullet struck his ballistic glasses, skimming his cheek, in Afghanistan. Twenty-six-year-old Private C.P., of 6 Platoon, B Company, The Royal Anglians (The Vikings), was on patrol in the Nad ‘Ali region of Helmand Province as part of a joint operation with the Afghan National Army when he and his section came under fire. The Vikings have been deployed in the Nad ‘Ali region with the Afghan National Army to clear a former insurgent stronghold.

SPC S.D. U.S. Army, Cavalry Scout

My name is ---------- and I called earlier today to tell you that your safety glasses for the military saved my eye. Here is the picture that I had after getting injured in Iraq and I would like to thank you personally. I really appreciate everything you do for the military.

A. A., 1LT, Infantry Task Force 2-1


I am 1LT A. A., an Infantry Platoon Leader assigned to B Company, Task Force 2-1 Infantry, 172nd Stryker Brigade Combat Team, currently deployed to Mosul, Iraq in Support of OIF. Our patrol was struck by a massive IED on 28FEB2006, launching shrapnel and debris at high velocities toward the vehicle. I was thrown into the hull of the Stryker and later discovered that my eye-pro, the 'Sawfly' tinted lenses, prevented a shard of shrapnel from contacting my face, saving my eyesight and preventing serious injury. I have attached images of the IED, the eye protection I was wearing on site, and images of the eyewear with the shrapnel. The shrapnel punctured the lens, but did not penetrate. The shrapnel was large enough to dislodge the eyewear from my face and force me into the vehicle. I wore the glasses the rest of the patrol, confident they could still do the job. I now have them stored until I get home. I purchased the Sawfly Deluxe Kit for wear, and whenever someone asks what I was wearing, I am sure to tell them that I was wearing 'Revision'. Thank you for a great tactical product!

A. A., HHC 1/36 Support PLT

TF 1/36, 1BDE, 1AD

The picture is when I got hit with the road side bomb...The Revision eye pro really protected my eyes as you can see… Thank you for protecting my vision…