No test data can tell us more than
what we hear from our users.

At Revision, we receive regular feedback from the military, special forces,
law enforcement and other communities on our products - much of which
shapes the way in which we develop the next generation of protective solutions.

SSG B.C., U.S. Army

I am a Supply Sergeant for a unit currently stationed in Kuwait and Iraq. Our job is to run convoys and convoy security. With the current drawdown going on in Iraq, you can imagine how busy we are. Our guys are running thousands of miles per week. With the cold weather coming (yes the temperature is relative, but after a 110 degree day, 70 degree nights feel cold!) we have been looking for an answer for the gunner to keep his face protected. We’ve looked at all kinds of options but recently stumbled upon your BATLSKIN. Not only would this keep some of the wind off the gunners, but the design in head protection would be excellent for their safety.

SFC A.D., US Army

I am member of a Recon and Surveillance Squadron and we are on the lookout for new gear that will be helpful. The HALO Portion of the system looks to be very useful for our troops. The hinged eye shield and mandible guards would be perfect for our vehicle gunners.

LB, Military Times

Batlskin (Revision) – the helmet is 20% lighter and promised increased ballistic performance. Lighter and stronger is always better. But BATLSKIN boasts two features that caught much attention. The mandible guard provides blunt force and fragmentation protection for the lower jaw. One platoon sergeant said it should be required for every vehicle gunner. Although the guard makes it tough to position a carbine in your shoulder and take aim, it can be quickly removed. Soldiers also said the three point front mount tightly secures NODs or night observation devices, ridding the war fighter of that pesky, noisy rattle.