Mission Critical Mobile Power Management Systems

The current array of sophisticated systems such as radios, navigation aids, night vision optics, and rifle scopes used by today’s modern soldier all run on power. The energy necessary to support this gear for longer missions results in a significant number of spare batteries carried by the warfighter.

Understanding the criticality of sustainable and portable power, Revision has developed two Nerv Centr lithium ion rechargeable energy storage systems, designed to reduce the quantity and weight of disposable batteries carried by foot-mobile warfighters, eliminate the inconvenience of multiple battery types, provide a state-of-charge indication, and interface with energy harvesting technologies.

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Nerv Centr SharePack Nerv Centr SharePack

The intelligently designed SharePack can store, deliver, harvest and share power, lessening the weight burden by eliminating excess cabling and the need to carry spare batteries. Capable of powering a range of electronic devices simultaneously, the SharePack offers flexibility in programmable input and output voltages, upgradable software and is a seamless plug-and-play solution.

Nerv Centr SoloPack Nerv Centr SoloPack

A low-profile, rechargeable lithium ion battery that packs the energy required for a 12 hour mission. The rugged battery is designed to plug-and-play, offering a high power density in support of currently fielded equipment and reduces the weight burden of carrying spare batteries.