Advanced Laser Protection Program


Revision takes a forward-thinking approach to laser protection—anticipating future threats and developing full system technologies while still addressing the needs of today’s soldier. It is this ability to remain on the cutting edge of R&D that has enabled Revision to establish important research partnerships and has made us a key industry player in the area of laser protective solutions. With an eye to remain at the forefront of this emerging field, we created a custom, high-tech laboratory to house our Advanced Laser Protection Program (ALPP).

“At the forefront of laser protective solutions”

Revision’s ALPP lab is staffed and operated by a team of highly-skilled experts in the field of lasers and optics, with a combined experience spanning over 40 years. Their focus is on the research, development and testing of advanced laser protective solutions. Current areas of investigation include the development of high Visible Light Transmission (VLT) laser protective lenses that block multiple laser wavelengths without blocking the visible light used to survey one’s surroundings. Another specific area of research is the exploration of electronic variable light technology that would change the light transmission of a lens at the flip of a switch. Ultimately, their scientific pursuits are driven by the quest to produce the ideal lens, a universal solution with: high luminous transmittance in the visible spectrum; high optical densities with the ability to block tunable lasers; and high ballistic, optical, anti-scratch and anti-fog characteristics. All at the lowest cost possible to enable scalable production for force-wide adoption.

Armed with state-of-the-art testing, manufacturing and certification capabilities for military ballistic eyewear research and development, the ALPP team interfaces with government research labs and collaborates on projects with various military departments.