Lens Cleaner

Kit Includes
  • Two 1 fl oz. Spray Bottles with Lens Cleaner

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Optimize Lens Performance

Lens Cleaner

Anti-grime formula safely powers through dust, oil and dirt for clear vision that's safe on all lenses


Sizes, Dimensions, and Colors
Sizes Available
  • 1 fl oz.
Color Options
  • Clear
NATO Stock Number (NSN) (10 pack)
  • 4240-01-527-4068
  1. Sawfly Spectacle
  2. StingerHawk Spectacle
  3. Hellfly Eyewear
  4. Alphawing Eyewear
  5. Deltawing Eyewear
  6. Desert Locust Goggle
  7. Asian Locust Goggle
  8. Bullet Ant Goggle
  9. Exoshield Eyewear
  10. SnowHawk Goggle
  11. Wolfspider Goggle
  12. Viper Visor
  13. Cobra Visor
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