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Protective eyewear doesn’t exist in a vacuum. The eyes are .27% of the total body surface, but face and eye injuries account for a sizable share of all battlefield casualties. Since Revision’s founding, the Company has delivered millions of kits of protective eyewear to forces all over the world. Revision’s spectacle and goggle systems all exceed ANSI Z87.1-2010. And, Revision eyewear meets or exceeds U.S. military impact requirements—MIL-PRF-32432, clause, for spectacles, and MIL-PRF-32432, clause, for goggles—as well as EN 166 impact and protection standards.

Over the years, we’ve refined our flagship eyewear lines, have created new goggles and spectacles from the ground up, have tailored solutions based on face morphology, and have crafted custom solutions for niche operational needs. Revision injects sophistication into resourceful, efficient protective solutions: Ballistic protection meets flawless optics meets rugged durability in all Revision eyewear. With Revision’s interchangeable, situation adaptable spectacles and goggles, there’s no prism, no distortion, and there are no optical illusions—what you see is where you see it.


Laser protection has emerged as a foremost eye protection demand of the future. Reports of laser strikes on pilots, law enforcement and tactical personnel, as well as soldiers in the field have increased dramatically in recent years. Access to dangerous laser devices has continued relatively unabated. Lasers pose a particularly complex threat—often, the real danger to the eyes is invisible. Revision’s laser lens technology offers an efficient solution to a challenging threat, covering threats across the whole of the visible spectrum and beyond, and protecting users from the invisible and especially harmful near-infrared energy that is often a component of lasers from cheap, easily obtained devices.

LazrBloc® lenses cover threats across the whole of the visible spectrum and beyond.

A LazrBloc laser lens undergoes quality testing in Revision’s state-of-the-art lab.

Revision takes a forward-thinking approach to laser protection, anticipating future threats and formulating innovative solutions that integrate with our proven eyewear products. Revision’s LazrBloc line of lenses protects forces from distraction, disorientation, and incapacitation during operations where every second counts. LazrBloc lenses are made using dye technology and come in a number of optical densities and light transmission options to optimize protection and situational awareness for any operation.

To verify the protection of LazrBloc laser lenses, Revision employs a multi-million dollar research and development laser lab staffed by industry experts. All of Revision laser protective lenses are manufactured in the Company’s 17,000 sq. ft., environmentally-controlled clean room for lens production. And, Revision has certified many of the Company’s LazrBloc lenses at a third-party testing laboratory. Revision’s ability to define the cutting edge for eyewear solutions sets us apart from competitors who are content to repurpose the status quo.


We know that lenses only provide protection when worn and they’ll only be worn when they either maintain or improve situational awareness. Clear, undistorted vision is paramount for the operations our users are tasked with. A scuffed or fogged lens scatters light and blocks the field of vision, forcing users to remove their spectacles or goggles, disrupting concentration, and leaving the eyes and face unprotected and vulnerable. This necessitates focusing on resistance to extreme environmental conditions, chemical resistance, resistance to fogging, and scratch resistance. However, these factors need to be achieved without negatively impacting ballistic performance.

Revision has invested heavily in abrasion and chemical resistance and anti-fog technology to enrich the reliability and durability of our protective lenses. Revision’s hardcoat and anti-fog solutions are the end-result of several years of continuous testing and refinement. OcuMax Plus is Revision’s proprietary coating for both anti-fog protection and scratch resistance. OcuMax Plus is designed to maintain optical clarity in extreme conditions, preventing scratches, condensation, streaks, and smears to preserve the surface integrity of the polycarbonate lenses. Revision’s OcuMax Plus anti-fog coating is proven to be the most effective lens coating on the market: Tested under EN 166 standards, OcuMax Plus has been shown to last longer than competing anti-fog solutions by a factor of 10-20 times.

Revision’s proprietary Anti-Fog Testing System measures the OcuMax Plus coating performance on a lens

Throughout our R&D and product development processes, we have not encountered any other solution or chemistry that provides an equal combination of durability—scratch resistance, fog resistance, chemical resistance—and ballistic protection. We have developed eyewear that meets or exceeds all applicable U.S. and international standards for ballistic protection; optical clarity; chemical resistance, including bleach, oil, sunscreen, and DEET; scratch resistance; and protection from environmental extremes, including UV, heat, cold, humidity, and even salt water. When our coatings are applied, the resultant ballistic performance of the lens is as high as 99.6% of the ballistic performance of an uncoated lens, leaving less than a 0.4% margin for possible improvement.


Revision prides itself on delivering flawless, precision-crafted optics in all of the Company’s eyewear lines. We built our reputation on our exacting eyewear standards. Our spectacles and goggles are put to use in the field, in intense situations, and in extreme environmental conditions. They stand up to heavy, rugged use for any mission, from beginning to end.

For every mission, every user, every environment, Revision has a lens solution to match. Our injection-molded lenses are customizable, interchangeable, and situation adaptable to meet any specification and any need. From photochromic and polarized technology, to laser lenses, to prescription protective eyewear, and beyond, Revision has poured resources and untold development hours into perfecting each and every lens option we offer, tailored to user experience.

From rapid-fulfillment of small-batch custom orders to surge-capacity, high-volume military procurement contracts, from precision-cut spectacles to high-impact goggle lines to ballistic visors, Revision’s eyewear operations produce solutions that are precise, accurate, and responsive. We consistently exceed even the most demanding expectations and optical standards.

Lenses cycle through the coating process in Revision’s Clean Room

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