Posted on 1/11/23

Revision® Announces Gryphon Ecosystem – Eyewear Solutions Tailored for Your Environment and Mission

Cold weather and blowing debris are no match for Revision’s new Gryphon integrated eyepro and headwear system. The system consists of a pair of new goggles and an array of compatible face coverings that attach to the goggle using Revision’s GrypMag technology, and features Revision’s revolutionary I-Vis™ lens technology The result is an adaptable, comfortable, and anti-fog eyepro system offering unrivaled performance across a range of environments and equipment configurations. For the first time ever, you have seamlessly integrated eyepro and face covering solutions designed to perform and adapt to the environments you operate in.

“In extreme environments where eyes are constantly under threat, you need gear that does more than prevent eye injuries,” says Revision CEO Amy Coyne. “You need gear that performs in various environments and doesn’t distract you from your mission or compromise your situational awareness. That’s why we partnered with Anon® to integrate their MFI (Magnetic Face Integration) originally developed for the ski and snowboard market into our line of ballistic goggle and face covering systems as GrypMag - a simple, seamless way to mate goggle and face coverings like balaclavas, gaiters and shemaghs. Combined with I-Vis lens technology, we now offer a complete system of environmentally tailored eyewear designed to perform and protect.”

The goggles in the Gryphon line include the brand new MerlinHawk ballistic goggle and the proven SnowHawk® cold weather ballistic goggle.  The MerlinHawk goggle is designed to maximize the field of view – its broad lens coverage gives the wearer the greatest level of both situational awareness and ballistic protection. Additionally new MissionSwitch reversable strap clips enable you to flip the clip position on the fly from a wide fit to a narrow fit, adapting the goggle for use with a wide range of helmets and other headgear. The SnowHawk goggle is designed to provide anti-fog, ballistic eye protection in the most extreme cold weather environments using an advanced, dual pane lens system. Revision offers an array of lenses for the goggles that includes a range of standard mil-spec tints and Revision’s new, next-generation I-Vis lenses. All lenses feature Revision’s OcuMax® anti-fog and scratch resistant technology.

Both MerlinHawk and SnowHawk goggles feature Revision’s GrypMag accessory integration – a magnetic interface built into the Gryphon system goggles and compatible GrypMag face coverings. GrypMag-compatible gaiters, shemaghs, and balaclavas each have a slim magnetic insert that mate with the base of the goggle to form a comfortable, gap-free seal between the goggle and the face covering.

I-Vis lens technology uses artificial intelligence to identify the lens tint that provides the greatest contrast, the widest range of color, and the highest level of color accuracy in each of the major areas of operation around the globe. The result is a suite of available lens tints that enhance your ability to observe, fight, and survive in jungle, desert, alpine, arctic, and urban environments.

Additional product information is available at and Gryphon products will be available for purchase from Revision’s select dealers.  

Gryphon Ecosystem

Above: Revision®’s Gryphon Ecosystem consists of two goggles – MerlinHawk and the SnowHawk Cold Weather Goggle – that can be paired with any of the four Gryphon Headwear Accessories – Field Gaiter, Tactical Shemagh, Tundra Wool Balaclava or Alpine Balaclava.

Gryphon MerlinHawk and Field Gaiter

Above: Revision® MerlinHawk Goggle featuring I-Vis™ Cano Lens and Field Gaiter provides full neck and head coverage without interfering with headborne equipment.


Revision is relentlessly dedicated to protecting vision by developing and delivering purpose-built eye protection for military and tactical use worldwide. The Company has invested in the development and delivery of advanced laser protective solutions over the past decade and become experts in both ballistic laser protective solutions to protect military, law enforcement and first responders today, as well as the distinct ability to develop custom solutions based upon the unique threat and situation. Revision specializes in integration for the optimum and necessary balance of protection and performance.

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