Research & Development


Revision is a technology company. R&D and scientific exploration is in our DNA; it’s the bedrock of our growth. Our R&D team is comprised of industry experts from a wide range of scientific fields and pursuits, including backgrounds in physics, chemistry, advanced materials research, aerospace, polymer chemistry, mechanical engineering, advanced laser research, industrial machine design, optics and lens coating technology, lean manufacturing and composite manufacturing. Our scientists have published over 100 research publications in more than 50 international peer-reviewed journals and symposia proceedings. We work with leading higher education and research institutions, and work directly with industrial materials and research and development companies the world over.

Invested in the science of protection and performance.

Cutting-edge equipment allows Revision to run highly accurate chemical diagnostics

Since the Company’s founding in 2001, Revision has proven itself uniquely resilient and forward-thinking, with demonstrated investment of over $25 million in plant, machinery, and equipment to meet growing demand and to forge new capabilities. Since the issues surrounding Sequestration and the general reduction in Defense spending globally, a number of defense contractors in the Personal Protective Equipment market have cut back on manufacturing investment, trimming costs by reducing headcount and R&D spending. In contrast, through careful planning and resource allocation, Revision’s employee numbers have grown, our revenue has continued to steadily increase, and R&D and machinery and equipment investment has followed suit across the board. In a continuous effort to improve and evolve, we consistently develop new technology, new materials and new methods. We are unafraid to ask tough questions and invest in finding the best solutions.

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