User-Centered Engineering & Design


Everything we develop lives and dies by an absolute principal: Enhance the effectiveness of soldiers, law enforcement and tactical personnel, and civilian users through superior protection and innovation. Internally referred to as “user-centered design,” Revision’s design process has a cross-functional scope that is unrivaled across all the industries in which the Company operates. From our perspective, optimizing user experience only enhances the protective features of the equipment. Our design teams go to extreme lengths to maximize technical performance—incorporating industrial design, simulation, rapid prototyping, quality control, testing, and in-depth knowledge of global military ballistic, blunt force and fragmentation protection standards. And, they are deeply invested in thoroughly exploring human factors, including all aspects of fit, comfort, and equipment compatibility.

Revision’s design process has a cross-functional scope that is unrivaled.

A head system prototype undergoes detailed human factors consideration

In addition to Revision’s unique versatility and responsiveness, we are resolutely committed to direct communication with our end users. As much as we are proactive in seeking out ways to improve current offerings on the market, we are also eager to build relationships with the personnel who use our products and we are receptive to their invaluable input. Equally, employing team members with military experience is one of Revision’s core commitments. Throughout the company, we rely on our team members with military expertise to inject vital perspectives on how equipment will be used and the ways in which it will interact with the user and the environment. In consulting with internal subject matter experts and conducting external user trials, Revision puts in a large amount of legwork to ensure our designs are applicable and reliable in real world situations.

An industrial design engineer digitally maps an eyewear product from multiple angles

Revision leads demo on the Nerv Centr SharePack Power Management System with end users in Bostwana 

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